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Masterclass SMSF – Member Death – Dealing with Non-Commutable Death Benefit Pension and the Capital Allocation

Consider a widow with a pension who has recently re-married, and on her death wants to have the income distributed to her spouse, but on the death of the spouse, would like the capital to go to her son of … Continue reading

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Don’t Take the Risk – Tax Fraud and Super Offences get Prosecuted

  Almost 500 people were convicted for Tax Fraud and Superannuation Criminal Offences in the September quarter, resulting in $1.56 million in fines and penalties, according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Project Wickenby resulted in two prosecutions, and there … Continue reading

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Case Study – Couple in late 50’s still working, terminal illness, company takeover and going back to work

The wife was happy in an administrative job locally. The husband had a long-running business with another executive director with equal share of ownership. The husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and possibly 5 years to live. He decided to … Continue reading

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Stave off a Retirement Savings Disaster – Saving for Retirement drops – What action will you take to plan for the future?

Contributions – both employer (concessional) and personal (non-concessional) contributions to super for retirement have dropped in the past quarter, raising more concerns that a retirement savings disaster could be ahead unless we are all proactive and take action to plan for … Continue reading

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Masterclass – Gross Working Capital

  Gross Working Capital is the sum of all of a company’s current assets (those assets that can be converted to cash within a year or less). Gross Working Capital includes assets such as cash, business cheque and savings accounts, … Continue reading

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Super and Retirement is Low on People’s Priorities but People will Become More Engaged – It’s Going to Take Time

Superannuation fund members in countries such as Australia are going to become more engaged with their balance, according to the US expert Donn Hess, but it is going to take some time.  Mr Hess, who is head of strategy for … Continue reading

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