Investing – Property – Intensive Property Investment Course including using your super (in your SMSF)


Intensive Property Investment Course including using your super (in your SMSF)

Intensive Property Investment Course including using your super (in your SMSF)

SuperBenefit brings note-worthy events and training of value to clients and interested parties. And with interest in property, we are pleased to report a new intensive course educating all you need to learn about property investment (including using your super (SMSF) to buy property) in one intensive course covering 2 days.

The course will openly teach you everything there is to know about property investing leaving nothing to hide.

It is presented by Daimien Patterson from a high profile investment property company, and who is a well-known Aussie property investment educator, author, mentor and experienced investor. Daimien and other industry experts at the forefront of the market are sharing their insights in training courses across Australia. Contact Paul for a link to Daimien’s FREE webinar.

The thing is, a lot of people overlook their financial education, and cost themselves thousands in missed opportunities. If you’ve ever invested in property before, you’ll know the potential for wealth, but you’ll also know how important it is to be informed and ahead of the game.

Here’s the details…

How much do you really know about property investment? We ask this question because we believe that the answer is the key to your financial success. This sounds like a big claim, we know, but bear with us. Contact Paul for the link on the Weekend Training Course.

How do you know…

  • Where to buy?
  • When to buy?
  • What to buy?
  • What the ideal investment property looks like?

Have you ever wondered why 97% of investors don’t get past two properties, while others exceed twenty?

  • Do you realise the potential for wealth creation through property investment…?
  • When you are truly informed and ahead of the game?
  • When you understand the lingo, the strategies and techniques, and are equipped to deal with scenarios that would end most other investors? Does your current level of investing knowledge fulfill your dreams for…
  •    Financial independence
  •    Providing opportunities for your kids
  •    Going overseas on holidays
  •    Contributing towards charities
  •    Making a difference in the world

We are giving do-it-yourself investors across Australia the opportunity to kick-start their education in property investment. July-August 2013, we are running a series of highly intensive weekend courses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. This won’t be for the half-hearted investor– you have to be committed to your financial success in property investment. You will be provided with information that will be essential to maximising the value of your investment portfolio. This information will be the key to getting ahead of the markets, and the average Australian investor. Your mindset and pre-conceived notions will be challenged, and you will not emerge the same. Basically, we’ll be cramming as much information and resources as we can into making you an expert property investor, transforming you from novice to pro in just 48 hours. You won’t get that anywhere else.

Because we are offering this course as a pilot run, a MASSIVE discount of $1000 is available to all registrants before July 15th. That means you get an intensive crash course to make you a better investor for considerably less than most other educational courses out there (with heaps of added benefits and much more practical application). You’re probably wondering by now how much this course will cost? If you book before July 15th, just $1997 (that’s a saving of $1,000!). We’ve decided on this price because, honestly, it just covers our expenses, but it also ensures that we only get serious investors to come along.

  • Investor psychology. Get to the bottom of the real reasons you want to invest.
  • Property investment terminology 101. Truly understand what all the terms really mean.
  • Historical price data. What has really happened to Australian Property prices.
  • Hot spotting. An easy system to find where to invest next to get the best capital growth and rent returns.
  • Government grants. What’s your entitlement and what’s the best way to use it?
  • Finance strategies. How best to structure your funds to grow a large portfolio.
  • How to start in the top 7%. Why 93% of Property Investors Fail to get past 2 properties and what you must do to ensure you’re not one of them.
  • Residential vs. Commercial? Which is best for your situation?
  • New vs. old properties. What’s better for you?
  • Renovating and value adding. 101 easy tips to add value to your properties.
  • US property. What are the pros and cons, and is it right for you?
  • Conveyancing. How to select the right solicitor and what to look out for.
  • Rental Management. How to select the very best Rental Managers and structure your Management agreement to protect you.
  • Quantity Surveyors. What are they and how do they save you money.
  • Financial Planners. How to find a property friendly financial planner and what should you ask them to do for you.
  • Tax. How investment properties really save you on tax.
  • Negative vs. Positive gearing. How does each work and what’s best for you.
  • One-on-one session. With Daimien Patterson Australia’s #1 Property Strategist.
  • Community. Make new like-minded friends. Access to group discounts and resources. Invite to Annual Property Investors Retreat.

The course will be in Melbourne Sat-Sun 10-11 Aug, Sydney Sat-Sun 3-4 Aug, Brisbane Sat-Sun 27-28 July.

Remember there is a $1000 discount off the $2997 regular price for bookings before Mon 15 July and to contact Paul for a link to Daimien’s FREE webinar.

Email Paul, or call for more details 0407 361 596 and bookings


About SuperBenefitnews

Self-Managed Superannuation Service Providers in Australia. SuperBenefit provides a wholistic SMSF assistance, education and administration service continuum - 1. “assistance” is help of whatsoever nature where our overall SMSF experience and knowledge enables us to provide assistance/help without any legal (or “license”) limitations. 2. “education” involves providing knowledge through teaching, coaching and mentoring about all matters SMSF, including (but not limited to) investment issues such as equities and property, 3. “administration” encompasses all admin aspects of legally required SMSF trustee and member record keeping including (but not limited to) audit and ATO matters. In keeping with our key point that SuperBenefit does not provide Financial Advice, where issues arise from 1, 2, and/or 3 above Indicate a need for a legally authorized provider (such as a Financial Adviser) and the client does not have their own service provider, the client can utilize SuperBenefit’s ‘Connect Assist’ … SuperBenefit, in itself, does not provide Financial Advice, but it does provide the wherewithal for great SMSF service. WE do not provide Financial Advice or any other service that requires a legally authorized provider. However, where such advice or service is required we have our ‘Connect Assist’, a SuperBenefit resource we use to connect clients to a Licensed Advisor or other legally authorised service provider. Call us 0407 361 596, no obligation FREE Connection call to see how we can help you!
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