NEWS – How does your SMSF compare to the latest returns of the commercial super funds?

How does your SMSF compare to the latest returns of the commercial super funds?

How does your SMSF compare to the latest returns of the commercial super funds?

Have you had a chance to review the year end results of your SMSF and compare them to the latest returns of the commercial super funds who manage the majority (2/3rds) of the super pool in Australia, and bonds?

SMSFs have outperformed the commercial funds in 4 out of 6 years according to a collation of data by SuperGuide from 2007-2012, with SMSF returns ranging from 16.7% to -6.7% according to ATO statistical reports of average returns.

The Financial Standard website reports on the latest Rainmaker researchThe Selecting Super MySuper (ie Workplace) rolling 12 month performance index fell sharply during September to return 9.0% compared to 11.1% at end July and 10.6% at end June.  

Three year super fund average annual returns are, however, higher at 11.7% pa with

Five year average annual returns at 7.5% pa and

10 year average annual returns at 6.7% pa.


Rainmaker, SelectingSuper’s research partner, noted that  –

Not-for-profit (NFP) super funds achieved 12 month returns of 9.3% and

Retail funds (ie corporate master trusts and retail MySuper products) achieved 7.9%


The top five Workplace super funds (by MySuper and default options) over the 12 months were Telstra Super with 11.5%, Statewide with 11.2%, PSSap with 10.8%, AustSafe with 10.7% and both AUSCOAL and Kinetic Super with 10.5%.

The top five Personal funds (by balanced options over 12 months) were

Zurich Super Plan with 12.4%, Statewide with 11.2%, both Telstra Super and AustSafe with 10.7% and Equipsuper with 10.0%.

The top five Retirement funds (by balanced options over 12 months) were

Zurich ABP with 13.5%, QSuper with 12.4%, Telstra Super with 12.0%, VISSF with 11.5% and both Statewide and UniSuper with 11.2%.

To compare with Bonds and Cash –

Domestic and international bonds meanwhile posted returns of 6.0% and 8.5% respectively.

Cash returned 2.7% and direct property 10% but A-REITs have returned 12% which continues their volatile ride as at end August they were posting returns of 20%.

As part of the SuperBenefit Programme, our service assists trustees of SMSFs with education and seminar/workshops to improve their expertise and ultimately their returns on their super savings. Many clients are achieving 12-19% returns and can be as involved as they want/have time to be with a recommended list of healthy companies to choose from, or property from well-experienced experts who research the potential growth areas and rental returns possible.

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Self-Managed Superannuation Service Providers in Australia. SuperBenefit provides a wholistic SMSF assistance, education and administration service continuum - 1. “assistance” is help of whatsoever nature where our overall SMSF experience and knowledge enables us to provide assistance/help without any legal (or “license”) limitations. 2. “education” involves providing knowledge through teaching, coaching and mentoring about all matters SMSF, including (but not limited to) investment issues such as equities and property, 3. “administration” encompasses all admin aspects of legally required SMSF trustee and member record keeping including (but not limited to) audit and ATO matters. In keeping with our key point that SuperBenefit does not provide Financial Advice, where issues arise from 1, 2, and/or 3 above Indicate a need for a legally authorized provider (such as a Financial Adviser) and the client does not have their own service provider, the client can utilize SuperBenefit’s ‘Connect Assist’ … SuperBenefit, in itself, does not provide Financial Advice, but it does provide the wherewithal for great SMSF service. WE do not provide Financial Advice or any other service that requires a legally authorized provider. However, where such advice or service is required we have our ‘Connect Assist’, a SuperBenefit resource we use to connect clients to a Licensed Advisor or other legally authorised service provider. Call us 0407 361 596, no obligation FREE Connection call to see how we can help you!
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