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Basics about Super – Super and Death Benefits – how does it work? (Super Death Benefit)

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) confirms that super is not part of a person’s estate (usually), and the Trustees who control and run a super fund or Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), determine where the money goes. The ATO site tells … Continue reading

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Masterclass SMSF – Why is the trust deed the most important document when a member passes away?

The SMSF trust deed is the first and most important document when a member passes away as it has the rules and determines how the death benefits are distributed. The trust deed sets out how death benefits are treated, especially … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investing – Property Investing is more successful when thinking National, not Local

One of our Business Partners, Property Friends, explains why property investing is more successful when you are thinking National, not local when looking for areas to invest – Regular readers of our newsletter will know of our nationwide search for … Continue reading

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NEWS – Withdrawing funds illegally from an SMSF is a top recurring trend

Krystine Lumanta at SMS Magazine reports – Trustees withdrawing funds illegally from their SMSF was a top recurring trend throughout last year and was expected to continue in 2016, according to an SMSF auditor.  “During 2015, the same issue has cropped … Continue reading

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Basics about Super – Employees can choose – Choice of Super Fund

Employers should be aware that employees who are eligible for super in many cases are also be eligible to choose the fund you pay into. But if they aren’t eligible to choose or don’t make a choice, you must pay … Continue reading

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