NEWS – Withdrawing funds illegally from an SMSF is a top recurring trend

NEWS – Withdrawing funds illegally from an SMSF is a top recurring trend

Withdrawing funds illegally from an SMSF is a top recurring trend

Krystine Lumanta at SMS Magazine reports 

Trustees withdrawing funds illegally from their SMSF was a top recurring trend throughout last year and was expected to continue in 2016, according to an SMSF auditor.  “During 2015, the same issue has cropped up: trustees taking money out of the account, usually for their business because they have cash-flow issues, or trustees inadvertently taking money out of an account because they have multiple bank accounts and they’ve clicked on the wrong one,” SuperAuditors director Shelley Banton told selfmanagedsuper.  “Even if they may have corrected it, was it in a timely manner?  “Also, there needs to be some explanation and information about why that transaction has happened because once the money comes in, it’s quarantined as a contribution and once it goes out, if it doesn’t meet a condition of release, then it is illegal early access.
“We’ve seen people paying for expenses for the fund out of their own pocket several times and then had the fund repay them and if they’re doing that on their credit card, for example, you’d have to question whether they’re getting reward points, et cetera.”
Banton stressed it was up to trustees to use extreme caution as she did not believe stricter regulations would solve the problem. “While you’ve got several accounts with the one financial institution or bank, there’s always a possibility that you’re going to click on the wrong one – that’s just a fact of online life,” she said.
“You can’t get to the point where you mandate trustees to have a separate account entirely which is not linked to any other account online. “I don’t know how that would be regulated and it wouldn’t be something that I’d want to look at come audit time. And it would be more red tape instead of less.”

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