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Masterclass SMSF – SMSF Rollover – Important things to consider

You can accept an SMSF Rollover from your commercial super funds (or other SMSF), but it is important to ensure the details are documented properly. The ATO website gives further guidance, and important things to watch – Receiving a rollover … Continue reading

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NEWS – Can you transfer property “in-specie” from one SMSF to another?

If a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is short on cash to roll over a member’s benefits, it is possible for a member to transfer a property ‘in specie’ to another SMSF? (Query posted at Advisor In NSW, transfers of property … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – Financial Health Part 1 – How to determine a healthy company to invest your SMSF money

Whether for your SMSF investments or not, investors want to know how to determine a healthy company, that is, the financial health, as it helps investors (either those buying shares in listed and other companies, or business owners in their … Continue reading

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