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Basics about Super – 5 more things to know about Superannuation in Australia

Here are five more basics about the Australian Super system. (For the first 5 Basics 1-5 see last month HERE) 6. Investment Choices – While the big major super funds allow you to choose the level of risk that you want … Continue reading

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Masterclass SMSF – Related Party Investment SMSF – or In-House asset SMSF – what is allowed?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) as regulator of SMSFs, is clear about the investing part of running an SMSF – “You need to manage your fund’s investments in the best interests of fund members and in accordance with the law. … Continue reading

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CASE STUDY – Nicole was preparing the last few years of working her business and preparing for retirement

Nicole had raised her children on her own since separating years ago from an unhealthy marriage. (There are 5 easy steps to planning anything – start where you are at, decide what lifestyle you want to have, what that lifestyle … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – What is, and how do you read the Balance Sheet or Financial Position?

As previously explained in our post about Company Reports, the Balance Sheet (or Financial Position) is one of three reports or statements that a company or business produces which shows how the business has performed. The other two reports are Profit and Loss (or Income … Continue reading

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Pensions Centrelink – Am I eligible for pension?

Wondering if you may be eligible for Government Pension? These are the criteria for eligibility for Age Pension at the Department of Human Services website at August 2018 – HERE – Check to see if you’re eligible for other support: … Continue reading

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