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Basics about Super – Choice of Super Fund for your staff – Know what to do

Employers should be aware that employees who are eligible for super, in many cases are also eligible to choose the super fund you pay into for them. But if they aren’t eligible to choose or don’t make a choice, you … Continue reading

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Masterclass SMSF – Acquiring assets from related parties – a possible solution for property?

Property – when the SMSF hasn’t enough to borrow itself – acquiring assets from related parties may be possible using a non-geared related unit trust or company. From August 1999, the only other alternative for your SMSF to invest in … Continue reading

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NEWS – TRIS – Transition to retirement (or TTR) now seen as a short-term strategy

Darin Tyson-Chan at reports on advice by Grant Abbott who said a Transition to retirement income stream (TRIS) or Transition to Retirement (TTR) is now seen as a short term strategy with recent changes in the last 12 months. … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – What is the Cash Flow Statement and what do we learn from it?

Today’s Masterclass looks at what is cash flow and the Cashflow Statement, what does it tell us and why it is as important along-side the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. What is the Cashflow Statement – When we talk … Continue reading

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