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Masterclass SMSF – How super death benefit nominations work and how binding applies

When an SMSF member has died, your super (applies whether in commercial fund or SMSF), is NOT controlled by your WILL. It is controlled by a nomination and the surviving SMSF trustees must comply with the applicable super and tax … Continue reading

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CASE STUDY – Brian and Stephanie working the business as well as preparing for retirement

Brian and Stephanie had lovely children in Primary school and a busy consulting business they had started from scratch, which was growing well. They loved property and had explored how super could be used to invest in property and wanted … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment –Company Health Ratios – Profit Margins

In the Profit & Loss Statement or Income Statement, (one of the 3 Financial Reports Companies issue) there are four levels of profit or profit margins – Gross profit (after cost of sales deducted from sales/revenue), Operating profit (after expenses … Continue reading

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