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Masterclass SMSF – Commutations – What are they and how do they work?

Taking money out of your SMSF super can only occur once you meet certain conditions, such as age and an event like retirement, so then you start an income stream from your super. Once you have the income stream going, … Continue reading

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CASE STUDY – Charlie & Pauline – Expanding property investment through super

Charlie and Pauline already had invested in property, and with a trusted advisor they explored the idea of expanding their property investment through super. (There are 5 easy steps to planning anything – start where you are at, decide what … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – What is Return on Capital – ROC – What does it mean and how to calculate return on capital?

Return on Capital (ROC) is similar to Return on Equity, ROE which we covered before, but ROC also includes capital costs as well as Equity. So what is Return on Capital and how do you calculate this rate of return? … Continue reading

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Pensions – Budget April 2019 – Raising the age for the Work Test to apply – and other changes at a glance

Changes to the age for the Work Test was one of the superannuation announcements made by the Government ahead of the release of the 2019 Budget. The Government proposes that, from 1 July 2020, people aged 65 or 66 will … Continue reading

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