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Jim Brownlee

Jim Brownlee is the SuperBenefit Programme’s Mentoring Director and Share Market & Property Investment Coach and Partner.

After spending 50 years in the Financial Services Industry, from mail boy at Prudential Assurance to former-ASIC-registered Financial Advisor at Millennium 3 Financial, Jim Brownlee’s mission today is to teach the hard-earned creed of his life’s work:

“If you are to own something… then you must first own the reasons why you would, or should not, own it.”

Jim has worked extensively in the Self-Managed Super (SMSF) domain since the mid-1980s educating people (small-business owner/operators in particular) about the pros, and the cons, of SMSF and everything that SMSF entails.

For the past ten years, Jim Brownlee has been providing the education wherewithal for people to make informed decisions about whether or not they should have their own SMSF.  Decisions are not advised-based decisions.  Each SMSF start-up decision is an individually “owned” decision based on SMSF practical education.

Also, teaching the success and non-success underlying reasoning of why, or why not, property or shares, or a particular property or a particular share, should or should not become a fund investment is a key aspect of Jim’s share market and property coaching.   As with SMSF start-up decisions, investment decisions are “owned” decisions based on the well-established fundamentals of investment-savvy financial literacy.

Today, Jim Brownlee’s work activity is holistically educational SMSF.   In the past Jim has conjunctively operated several successful small businesses in the areas of Financial Services, Business Coaching & Training and Tourism.  He enjoys solving difficult financial situations for clients, and he is a skilled negotiator.