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Navigate to Successful Share Investing

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Navigate to Successful Share Investing

Master Company Financial Statements and the Core Issues of  Financial Health,  for Investors and SMSF Trustees

Investors and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) need to have a strategy to make sound investments.

There is no need to be scared of financial statements and shares, there are simple tools and formulas  to help tell you whether a company is financially healthy. And that is what we are looking for. Learn sharemarket-savvy skills to empower people to rebuild their super from the languishing lows of the Global Financial Crisis.

This workshop will be a 2.0 hour explanation of how to find healthy companies, what tools and ratios to use including how to get better outcomes. 

Included in the workshop will be:

  • Company Reports Simplified – Gain an easy understanding of Company Financial Statements and how to read them
  • Superior Management – is measured by formulas (simple ratios or Key Indicators (KIs)) – learn how to calculate them – which are important and why? Eg Calculate Debt to Equity from the Balance Sheet yourself, and know why it is important. What is Return on Investment and what are we looking for? But a couple of KIs are not enough, and further 8 more KIs will be explained and analysed
  • Financial Health – along with KIs we need an overall health indicator – how do we measure it?
  • Where do we get the data on companies, and how do we analyse and sort it?
  • See all shares on the ASX with their ratios and health, sorted to find those that pass as many KI’s as possible
  • What Makes a Top Company? – see what makes a top company with the top Superior Management KI’s from the recent reporting period, that takes days of work to compile
  • Question and Answer time with Jim our Share Investment Coach and Paul Humphreys SMSF Compliance Assurance Administrator

Even if you don’t have an SMSF and want to learn about share investing, or improving your knowledge, this is for you.

BONUSES for attendees

  • Glossary of Investment Terms – 20 pages with all main terms, a reference guide to keep
  • DIY Expert Guide to Investing – From the basics to advanced
  • Free Complimentary Session to Answer all your Questions – no obligation


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(Details on booking form) – Third Wed every month

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