The Scope and Limitations of SuperBenefit’s SMSF Service Offerings

WE do not provide Financial Advice or any other service that requires a legally authorized provider.  

However, where such advice or service is required we have our Connect Assist’, a SuperBenefit resource we use to connect clients to a Licensed Advisor or other legally authorized service provider.

SuperBenefit provides –

  • All Administration of SMSF
  • Co-ordination of Annual Return and Audit
  • Storage copies of SMSF deeds, variations, Custodian/Bare Trust deeds, contracts, Trustee Declarations
  • Storage of past years – full set of documents, bank statements, Tax returns, Member Statements
  • Connect Assist – connection with key advisors you need – advice for planning, tax, investment specialists
  • Holistic SMSF assistance, education and administration service continuum: 
  1. assistance” is help of whatsoever nature where our overall experience and knowledge enables us to provide assistance/help without any legal (or “license”) limitations,
  2. education” involves providing knowledge through teaching, coaching and mentoring about all matters SMSF, including (but not limited to) investment issues such as equities and property,
  3. administration encompasses all admin aspects of legally required SMSF trustee and member record keeping including (but not limited to) audit and ATO matters.

In keeping with our key point that SuperBenefit does not provide Financial Advice, where issues arise from 1, 2, and/or 3 above, and indicate a need for a legally authorized provider (such as a Financial Adviser) and the client does not have their own service provider, the client can utilize SuperBenefit’s ‘Connect Assist’ …

SuperBenefit, in itself, does not provide Financial Advice, but it does provide 18 years of expertise for great SMSF service. 

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SB Programme educates and coaches you in connection with all the key SMSF admin issues. Where “advice” becomes necessary, we can refer you to a financial advisor. Or alternatively if you have your own financial advisor, please talk with them.
All information on this website does not constitute advice, nor consider your circumstances, and should not be solely relied upon.