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NEWS – 40% of Australians did not know the age at which they would retire – Have you a plan?

Sure we don’t know where we will be in 10-20 years, and whether we will be financially ready to retire. But as the saying goes “Failure to PLAN is Planning for failure” – do nothing and allowing chance and hope … Continue reading

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CASE STUDY – Margaret & Harold, knew that term deposits were not enough to ensure their money would last

WHERE they were at – Margaret had enjoyed her service to the public sector, as it was more like serving the community and she had also been blessed to have the occasional chance to enjoy living in other countries and … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – What is PEG – Price to Earnings Growth

  In an earlier Masterclass we covered the PE ratio – Price to Earnings Ratio. A variation further to PE is the growth of the PE – ie PE growth. This takes into account the stock’s value while considering the … Continue reading

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