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News – Australian Super assets surge to $1.6 trillion, SMSF growth behind Industry Funds

Superannuation assets surged 15.5% last financial year to reach $1.6 trillion, reveals the regulator APRA in its just released June report.  The pace of the asset surge corresponds with the super fund industry achieving its best investment returns in four … Continue reading

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Masterclass – SMSF – On Death, What Happens to a Pension?

  On the death of a pensioner the law is that a pension, also known as the member’s benefits, must be cashed as soon as practicable. It is called a death benefit payment. Super does NOT form part of a … Continue reading

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CASE STUDY – Peter has just been Retrenched, looking after Child with Disability and Maximizing the Retirement Balance

WHERE they were at – In his late 50s, he should have seen it coming – with the slowdown in the work due to a slowing economy in Australia, Peter had hoped and was told by management that they were … Continue reading

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MASTERCLASS Investment – The Balance Sheet or Financial Position – What is it?

The balance sheet, is known as the statement of financial position, and is a snapshot of a company’s health. It tells how much a company owns ( assets), and how much it owes (liabilities). The difference between what it owns … Continue reading

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SMSF Basics – The Steps to Set up a Self-Managed Super Fund

A. Determine Trustee Structure and Eligibility An SMSF is a trust structure which means it must have trustees who are trusted with the responsibility for all affairs of the fund. There are two types of trustee – 1. Individual members, … Continue reading

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